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Reframing the cultural policy dialogue : Why now?

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In June, The Arts Advocate and its partners are presenting Reframing the cultural policy dialogue. Why now? Why is this important?

Canada’s $50 billion cultural sector is one of the strongest, most diverse in the world. In Ontario alone, the cultural sector contributes $22 billion to provincial GDP. It creates jobs, accounting for 671,000 jobs across the country, or in Ontario, 4.2% of total employment.

Our sector has a significant impact on our country’s overall well-being. Cultural decision-makers like Canadian Heritage Minister Shelly Glover and Ontario Culture Minister Michael Coteau acknowledge these contributions. The reality remains though that the cultural sector still doesn’t have a seat at the table where the big decisions are made. This was evident in both the federal and provincial budgets released last week: mention of arts, heritage and creative industries was minimal and buried in these key policy documents. Read More